Sunday, March 14, 2010

MUSE - US Chicago Resistance Tour 2010

At first we called it as Backpackers...

The day started on March 12, Arin one of our Indonesian buddy send us to COTA bus stop at Columbus OH.
The Megabus ticket was at 11am in the morning.. and as early as 8 we already woke up because Athens to Columbus took approximately 2 hours driving.

Arrived at COTA around 9.40. Arin speed up and we didnt expect to arrived there in an hour.. Coolness.. thanks arin.

From KL to AThens to Columbus.. I think we are now a bit kampung. Looking at all high-rise building, we impressed.. what a life. but at least we can save money to visit more big cities. for you Ohio University. We slave our life to be there..

As our Megabus arrived, we enjoy the 6-hours of journey. We left the states of Ohio and entered Indiana and finally arrived at Illinois the state where the Chicago is located.

We stop at Union Station.. I'll tell about it later.. Because we had some actions there before we went back the next day.

Then we changed our clothes and headed to Union Center where the MUSE concert was.

United Center~ Awesome MUSE!
The stage was a hydraulic and it moves up and down based on the music. So as the drummer spinning around us. There are so great!! No words can be describe!! omg~

I still remember when I was in Diploma, Muse held a concert in KL but I didnt make it because the ticket sold out 2 months before. I was so sad and yet after 5 years waiting.. its so worth it! Thanks for giving me the chance. Bak kata orang melayu" kalau da jodoh x kemana" hahah. gaya mcm jumpa je. its ok.. im so satisfied! Thanks chicago.. Thanks uitm sebenarnya.. heee~

And I also bought the T-shirt, MUSE US Resistance Tour 2010! USD 38.. mahal tapi x pe. layan je. x makan sebulan. yezzzzaaaa~~

From United Center to Union station we line up in a bus full line of people. As we waited to get in, ada budak melayu jerit...

Woi, melayu ke?
Then i sambut" Aah melayu la"

Ada jugak melayu kat sini..
so we kinda blur with the bus routes, and i yelled at them to ask for information.
Rupanya budak Melayu dari Indiana Uni. There also knew nothing about the bus. So, eventho x kenal sapa.. so, nice to meet you guys.

We planned not to stay at any hotel because we want to stay up at the Union Station. Chicago is one of the city that has a problems with Hobo or homeless. So, we knew that staying at Union Station may cause us to be labelled as homeless but we said that lets pretend elegant and smart eventhough we stay at the Union Station. While waiting at the Union Station, there were some hobos being chased out by the police. There were also few womens and children looks like hobos. we stay at one of the fountain and suddenly realized it was not a good idea to stay there for 6 hours and not sleep or lay down on the bench. From that we decided to find pay phones and wants to call one of motel suggested by our supervisor, Atnhony and the name of the motel is Ohio House Motel.

As we walked into it, one of the police stops us and said "Im not done yet' dont move" How do you get into this place? Are you break in here somewhere?

We are stonned and looking at each other. We told the policeman that we want to find a pay phones to find a motel.. he didnt believe us...

He said, Wait here, Im gonna check the door upstairs. Ive locked the door and i dont believe you guys.

He thought that we break in in Union station. Actually we were there almost 30 minutes. Than he said.. I dont believe you.. How you get in? We said that we were there almost 30 minutes.

Thank God he believe Us. If not we can be charged as Attempt to break in~ nasib x kena tangkap... mampuih kalau kena.fuh~ alhamdulillah.

Then he brought us to the entrance and stops a cab and we headed to Ohio House Motel in Chicago-(mana--mana pergi pun Ohio gak.. x da nama lain ke)

So we went to the Ohio Motel House. USD 140 for 6 of us. Ok la.. one person$25.. huh~

The next morning we went to the Millennium Park where it is a center of attraction in Chicago city. Its a place where u can find several designs and arcs made by architects around the world. This is one of my aims in Chicago trip because I have seen in before in internet. This place is beautiful.

We then went to the Union Station because our ticket was at 11am. We headed to Union station doing something else like grabbed a fridge magnetic with Chicago on it and few Chicago souvenirs.

Talking about Union Station, do you know why we are so into one of the stairs?

The bus stops at Union Station. Its one of beautiful bus station. It is popular with one of the stair where Kevin Costner had killing mafia scene in the fil called "Untouchables". Our kakak here in athens, Kak hanni told us about this. Eventhough I have never watch before the film, i just made up my mind to stop at this place and took pictures. Its in the movie tho~ so why not we grab this opportunity to go there.. (walaupun x tau pun citer tu, yang penting tempat legend uolls)

Check Out the movie Untouchables- Unio Station scene staring Kevin Costner. heeee~~

Then 11 am until 6.30 pm journey. what a trip for us. Its short i know but its enough and worth it. Chicago.. The Windy City.. I will never ever foget about it.. Till we meet again~ panjang .. x larat nak masuk kan gambar Millennium Park.. soon baby.. soon.. weeee~



nadia alias said...

"hoi. melayu ke??"

"tak. jawa!" =p


ayat ni over = 'We slave our life to be there..'

ko buat apa nyah.. jual buntot?

what a journey! lawak dan adventurous nak mati.

muah muah

ney boyz.. when you come back to malaysia. hahaha

zetiell said...

hahahah~ ini kami berserah diri pada OU ni.. hahaha

new boyz in malaysia? please uolls.. bagi list band2 yg hebat selain new boyz... muntah darah aku~